Strengthening Financial Resilience to Drought: A Feasibility Study For An Index-Based Drought Risk Financing Solution for Pastoralists in Senegal

Drought is the main climate risk faced by Senegal in terms of numbers of affected people. The 2019 drought affected about 1 million people. Model estimates indicate that Senegal would need $26 million USD on average per year and a maximum of $140 million USD to respond to drought. In terms of livestock losses, estimated costs during drought events occurred in the 1970s-80s are in the range $14-32 million USD per year. inform development and implementation policies to increase pastoralists’ resilience in Senegal and the Sahel against severe drought shocks. It provides the background knowledge required to make informed decisions on whether investing resources in the design and implementation of an IBDRFI program can achieve the desired public policy objectives.

Date of Publication
June, 2024