Program Overview:

The Executive Education Program on Disaster Risk Finance (DRF) for Indonesia was tailored to strengthen knowledge and skills in DRF, aligning with Indonesia’s specific strategies. The program focused on practical applications and analyses of Indonesia's DRF scenarios. Emphasizing capacity building, it addressed challenges and proposed actionable solutions, with sessions primarily delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. The program enabled meaningful knowledge exchange and provided deep insights into building financial resilience against disaster and climate risks.


Program Objectives:

a) Enhance understanding of Indonesia’s National DRFI strategy and its priority areas

b) Facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices on risk financing solutions relevant to the local context

c) Strengthen the skill set required to effectively implement the National DRFI strategy

d) Encourage communication and strengthen coordination among key ministries and agencies working on disaster risk finance. 


Post-program Materials 

Event brochure (English); Event brochure (Bahasa)    



Please find the presentations and related documents of the program

  Day 1:

  Fundamentals of Disaster Risk Finance/Challenges & Actions



  • Fundamentals of Disaster Risk Finance (English; Bahasa
  • Challenges and Actions in DRF in Indonesia (Bahasa)
  • Introduction to DRF Instruments (Roundtable) (English + Bahasa)

  Day 2: 

 Protection of Government 



  • Policy and Regulation (English; Bahasa)
  • DRF Funds - Homeowners Protection (Global Experience) (English; Bahasa
  • DRF Funds – Pooling Fund Bencana (PFB)  
  • CAT Bonds (English)
  • Stakeholder Mapping (Bahasa)

  Day 3:

 Protection of Lives, Livelihoods, Jobs



  1. Introduction to DRF for Agriculture (English; Bahasa)
  2. Overview of India's Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Scheme (English)  
  • DRF for Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) (EnglishBahasa)  

  Day 4:

  Protection of Private and Public Assets



  • Introduction to Financial Protection of Public Assets (Global Experience) (English; Bahasa)   
  • Introduction to Financial Protection of Public Assets (ABMN) (English + Bahasa)
  • Introduction to Data and Analytics in DRF (English; Bahasa)


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