Disaster Risk Finance e-Learnings

Jan 19

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Fundamentals of Disaster Risk Finance (DRF) 

Link: https://olc.worldbank.org/content/fundamentals-of-disaster-risk-finance-0

Link: https://wbg.sabacloud.com/Saba/Web_spf/NA1PRD0002/common/ledetail/00022590-02 (Russian version) 

The Fundamentals of DRF aims to increase the understanding of the purpose, scope, development impact, and basic principles of DRF and empower participants to start a conversation on DRF with stakeholders.  The e-learning program has over registrations since its launch. The Fundamentals of DRF (e-learning) is also available in Russian and the Bahasa version will be launching soon.


Introduction to Disaster Risk Finance Analytics 


Link: https://olc.worldbank.org/content/introduction-disaster-risk-finance-analytics  

The Introduction to Disaster Risk Finance Analytics module is designed to help stakeholders better understand risk information, challenge quantitative results, and evaluate options to make risk-informed decisions for financial planning. This e-learning program saw over 700 registrations within three months of its launch.


Disaster Risk Finance in the Pacific 


Link: https://olc.worldbank.org/content/disaster-risk-finance-pacific  

The eLearning program explains the importance of disaster risk finance in Pacific Island Countries (PICs). The e-learning helps boost the understanding of disaster risk finance instruments and how they help countries prepare for disasters. The course showcases case studies and real-world examples of how Disaster Risk Finance instruments are applied in different Pacific Island countries and the impact they have on disaster preparedness. 


Disaster Risk Finance in the Pacific: Get Ready to Respond 

Link: https://olc.worldbank.org/content/disaster-risk-finance-pacific-get-ready-respond  

The eLearning program introduces learners to key disaster and finance legislation, as well as the procedures and organizational structures used to coordinate disaster response in the Pacific Island Countries. The eLearning program also focuses on the roles of finance personnel at different stages of disaster risk management and the critical functions of finance personnel in preparing for and responding to disasters in the Pacific.